Rebuildable tanks & RDAs


Whether you’re looking for a rebuildable tank, new RDA to top off your mod, or any other gear you need to maximize your rig, we’ll have it in stock. And our staff have all the knowledge you’ll need to set up your gear and get down to vaping.

Rebuildable Vape FAQs

RDA stands for ‘Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser’ and it is an advanced piece of vaping gear designed for more advanced vapers. A vaping RDA is a tank for which you construct your own coils out of cotton and wire.

Many experienced vapers find that when they construct their our rebuildable mod, they are are able to enjoy a more pure vaping experience. They celebrate the depth, clarity of flavor and taste sensation that they get when using RDAs. Moreover, once a customer gets the hang of rebuilding their own atomizer, they quickly learn that it is more cost-effective than other devices.

For newcomers, the answer is probably: Yes. One of the key differences between an RDA and a traditional tank is that a vaping RDA is not used to store e-liquid the way a tank usually does. Instead, the user infrequently applies e-liquid top-ups directly to the coil. While some dislike the idea of having to constantly add more and more e-liquid over the course of the day, RDA users find it a small price to pay for flavour intensity and cloud production.

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