Nic Salts

Brick House Vapors Features Many Nic Salt Varieties

Nicotine salts are exploding in popularity among hardcore vapers these days. It’s definitely the latest craze in the vaping industry. Vapers who swear by nic salts point to the quick rush nic salts provide, a blast to the head that many say mimics the nicotine rush you get from regular cigarettes.

Many also find the throat hit provided by nic salts to be satisfying that traditional vape devices. Another reason nic salts are popular is that the devices are generally smaller and more discreet than bulky vape devices. 

Others report that they find themselves puffing on their device far less frequently with vape salts, because the hits they do take are so satisfying. If you are new to vaping and are concerned with a tendency to “chain vape” – a common thing for those moving over from analog cigarettes. 

Curious to know more? Come on into Brick House Vapors, at either our Longview or Vancouver locations, and we’ll give you a test of the devices and a taste of the vapor.

Nic Salt FAQs

Yes, significantly so. Regular e-juices come in 3, 6 or 10 mg strengths, whereas nicotine salts often come in 25-50 mg strengths. For this reason the devices used to administer nic salts are lower wattage.

It is not recommended that you do so. Low wattage devices are generally used with nic salts because the strength of the nic salt liquid. But don’t worry, nic salt users say the throat hit and rush is quick and intense.

Yes, because the devices are small and sleek they fit into your pocket much easier than bulky mods, and they are very useful in situations where you need to be stealthy about your vaping. Many vapers who remain committed to suboming and the big clouds and hits they produce find that a nic salt device is perfect as their backup or their device for when they are out and about. 

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