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The vape tech industry is constantly evolving, so it’s tough to keep up on the hottest new device trends. Brick House carries the latest devices from all major manufacturers and we’re constantly bringing in new products as they reach the market, so you can always trust that when you get a new vape unit from us you’re getting the latest and greatest features in existence.

Vape Device FAQs

Vape devices come in many shapes and sizes, but they share the same fundamentals: a battery powers a heating element that turns your e-liquid into an aerosol vapor that you inhale into your lungs. The concept is super simple, but there are so many ways to customize your device, and thus your vape experience.

We’ve learned over the years that there is no one “right” answer to this question. It depends on the individual customer and what type of experience they are looking for. Come into the store today and let our experts find the perfect balance between price and satisfaction!

In addition to price vs. performance considerations, our customers frequently make their selections based on the look and feel of the device, as well as the amount of discretion they wish to have when vaping. Some customers are looking for the biggest, baddest device available so they can blow fat clouds, while others are looking for a smaller, more inconspicuous device that won’t draw undue attention.

Many of our customers have just one device that they take anywhere, but based on our experience, you may want to keep a backup device on hand. The biggest frustration we hear from new vapers is that they forgot to charge their device or were not prepared when the components needed to be swapped out. You may want to consider investing in a smaller backup device to ensure you are never left without a fresh puff.

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